Set of 5 Cold Gel Compresses for Pain Relief and Rehabilitation.


Say goodbye to filling bags with ice every time you have pain. It’s a pain, and you’ve had enough of that! This Set of 5 Gel Compresses for injuries make your life easier and reduce discomfort directly and easily. Each pack is reusable, flexible and created so you can place it on your back, shoulders, shins and thighs to offer you quick pain relief. Rest, stay cool and recover with Gel Compresses
COLD Gel Compress
Easy to use
Relieves the pain
Reduces inflammation
Useful for blows, muscle contractures and sprains
Adaptable to any area of the body
Helps against swollen eyes or bruises
Use them cold by putting them in the refrigerator
National Gel Material
Technical data:
Dorsal/Lumbar Compress: 39 x 26 cm
Compress Ankles/Wrists/Elbows: 34 x 19 cm
Hip/Leg Compress: 51 x 18cm
Knee/Cervical Compress: 60 x 17cm
Hand Compress: 15 x 20cm
Mode of Use: Cold Compress
Put in the freezer for 20 to 25 minutes before using. Then you can store it in any plastic packaging in the lower part of the refrigerator. If that were the case, I would not use it again. Put it at room temperature, in a cool place. Do not heat, puncture or crush.
NOTE: Not suitable for Microwave
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Set of 5 Cold Gel Compresses for Pain Relief and Rehabilitation.
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